Pub Night and Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz is a quiz of (around) 20 general-knowledge questions answered in teams of up to four people. The winning team gets a pitcher of the drink of their choice.  Patrick has asked for redemption after his first quiz and I have decided he can have it, provided he makes it a bit easier this time.

We’ll be getting there at 6, with the quiz starting at about 7:30.

We are asking for a $2 donation to pay for the prize and to fund future events. We hope to see you there!

If you plan on drinking alcoholic beverages at this event, please be sure you have a designated driver.  Don’t drink and drive!

Think & Drink Fundraiser For: OC Freethought Conference

Join Friends of Freethought for a wine social to benefit the OC Freethought Alliance Conference.

Sunday, April 19, 2015, 5:30-8:30 pm

$20 and 2 bottles of wine per person. Wine should be mid-range priced (between $10-25).
Please wrap one bottle for the raffle. The wrapping can be plain brown paper or regular wrapping paper. Please make sure the labels (front and back) are not visible.

Tasty light appetizers and desserts
Raffle for wines
Live music by Christine Jones
Silent Auction
50/50 Raffle

All proceeds go towards the cause and are tax deductible.

If anyone would like to promote their service or business, or donate items for our gift baskets, create a gift basket, or sponsor a gift basket, please let us know immediately. Email Jan at

Non-alcoholic drinks will also be available for a very minimal charge.

For all inquiries email us at:

OC Freethought Conference, Anaheim, CA (

Note: For those who have come before, please park on Blueridge just south of our residence and walk in. Newcomers and disabled may park at our parking lot on the property.

Menu for “Skipping Church” Luncheon with Katja and Invitation to Help Cook

Anne Burrell’s “Coq au Vin” (Chicken in Red Wine);
“Spinach and Wild Rice Salad with Edamame” (Vegan); and “Deviled Easter Eggs” along with Simple Simon’s Fresh Bread and Butter, IEAA Cupcakes and assorted beverages is the menu for the “Skipping Church” Luncheon on April 19th. I will be starting up at 1:00 PM on Saturday and will be working on food until about 5 PM so come on over, have a glass of wine and either chop or keep me company while I do. You could also re-stock the boxes with cutlery and other stuff. We’ll have music and dancing in the kitchen while we work. Let me know what time you’re thinking of coming and how long you are staying and I can plan the work accordingly. Hope to see you there!

Dr. Katja Guenther at the “Skipping Church” Luncheon and Monthly Meeting

Join us and Dr. Katja Guenther for April’s “Skipping Church” Luncheon and Monthly Meeting. 

This month we will be presenting Bounded by Disbelief  featuring Dr. Katja Guenther, a professor at UCR who will be presenting the results of her study on Atheism, which she conducted using members of the IEAA. Her study is titled “How Atheists in the US Differentiate Themselves from Religious Believers.”

This research examines social movement organizing by atheists and others who do not believe in a higher power. The research considers the political and cultural conditions that activate atheist identities and explores the efforts of atheist organizations to build an atheist community and combat the influence of the Religious Right.

Professor Guenther is a Professor of Sociology and Advisor at UC

Riverside. She is currently continuing her on-going work on feminisms in global and comparative perspective, as well as working on a US-based exploration of the emergence secular social movement activity. 

Luncheon Menu:

Fresh, Warm Croissants and Fresh, Warm, Local “East Coast” Bagels

Columbian Supremo Coffee, Soda Selection, Bottled Water, and Premium Lemonade

Potato Salad, Sliced Natural Turkey, Ripe Tomato Slices, Romaine Lettuce, Ripe Avocado Slices, Sliced Red Onions. and Sliced Natural Cheddar Cheese 

Assorted Cookies and assorted Fruit and Yogurt Dip dessert

Vegan options available on request


12:30pm – beverages and welcome

12:45pm – 1:45pm – Lecture

1:45pm – luncheon and one-on-one with Katja

Prices are as follows:

Lecture only – $5

Lecture and beverages – $7

Lecture, beverages, and luncheon – $15 

Click Here to download a .PDF of this flyer

While this meeting officially starts at 12:30pm, anyone who wishes to help set up chairs, prepare food, or decorate tables is invited to show up early at 12:00pm.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday Morning Breakfast Meetup

If you like to sleep in on Sunday and do not want to get up for our weekly hike but would like some lively conversation later in the morning, come join us for breakfast. Our hiking group always meets for a meal and a pleasant chat after our hike. Farmer Boy’s Restaurant is located on the corner of University Ave. and the 91 Freeway in downtown Riverside. Their prices are reasonable and there is a patio outside where we sit, making for a nice non-noisy location. If it is nice and we are able to sit outside, friendly dogs on leashes are welcome. This meetup time is 10:15 am, which is a close approximation. We might be a early or a few minutes late getting down the mountain, so wait for us if you do not find us there! Look for the IEAA tee shirts if it is your first time to attend.

A Free Thinkers’ Book Club

Please note, we have changed the time and place for this meet up due to too many scheduling conflicts. We are moving the meeting to April but we will still be reading The Lost Tribe of Coney Island: Headhunters, Luna Park, and the Man Who Pulled Off the Spectacle of the Century by Claire Prentice. It’s really a great book. Enjoy. We will see you there!

TED Talks and Discussion – Morality and the Atheist: Jonathan Haidt and Paul Zak


Trust, morality and oxytocin? What drives our desire to behave morally? Neuroeconomist Paul Zak shows why he believes oxytocin (he calls it “the moral molecule”) is responsible for trust, empathy and other feelings that help build a stable society.

What’s behind the human instinct to trust and to put each other’s well-being first? When you think about how much of the world works on a handshake or on holding a door open for somebody, why people cooperate is a huge question. Paul Zak, researches oxytocin, a neuropeptide that affects our everyday social interactions and our ability to behave altruistically and cooperatively, applying his findings to the way we make decisions. A pioneer in a new field of study called neuroeconomics, Zak has demonstrated that oxytocin is responsible for a variety of virtuous behaviors in humans such as empathy, generosity and trust. Amazingly, he has also discovered that social networking triggers the same release of oxytocin in the brain — meaning that e-connections are interpreted by the brain like in-person connections.

A professor at Claremont Graduate University in Southern California, Zak believes most humans are biologically wired to cooperate, but that business and economics ignore the biological foundations of human reciprocity, risking loss: when oxytocin levels are high in subjects, people’s generosity to strangers increases up to 80 percent; and countries with higher levels of trust – lower crime, better education – fare better economically.

He says: “Civilization is dependent on oxytocin. You can’t live around people you don’t know intimately unless you have something that says: Him I can trust, and this one I can’t trust.”

“Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence”. Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt asks a simple, but difficult question: why do we search for self-transcendence? Why do we attempt to lose ourselves? In a tour through the science of evolution by group selection, he proposes a provocative answer.

Jonathan Haidt, studies how — and why — we evolved to bemoral. By understanding more about our moral roots, his hope is that we can learn to be civil and open-minded.

Haidt is a social psychologist whose research on morality across cultures led up to his much-quoted 2008 TEDTalk on the psychological roots of the American culture war. He asks, “Can’t we all disagree more constructively?” In September 2009, Jonathan Haidt spoke to the TED Blog about the moral psychology behind the healthcare debate in the United States. He’s also active in the study of positive psychology and human flourishing.

At TED2012 he explored the intersection of his work on morality with his work on happiness to talk about “hive psychology” – the ability that humans have to lose themselves in groups pursuing larger projects, almost like bees in a hive. This hivish ability Is crucial, he argues, for understanding the origins of morality, politics, and religion. These are ideas that Haidt develops at greater length in his new book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. Learn more about his drive for a more productive and civil politics on his website And take an eye-opening quiz about your own morals at

During the bruising 2012 political season, Haidt was invited to speak at TEDxMidAtlantic on the topic of civility. He developed the metaphor of The Asteroids Club to embody how we can reach. common ground. Learn how to start your own Asteroids Club at


A Free Thinkers’ Book Club

Please note, we have changed the time and place for this meet up due to too many scheduling conflicts. We are moving the meeting to April but we will still be reading The Lost Tribe of Coney Island: Headhunters, Luna Park, and the Man Who Pulled Off the Spectacle of the Century by Claire Prentice. It’s really a great book. Enjoy. We will see you there!

Weekly Mount Rubidoux Fun Hike

Join us for a FUN event EVERY Sunday morning! The regular hikers in this event rarely sign up even though they hike every Sunday but there are always more people than the two hosts so don’t be shy in joining us!

Want to have fun and stay healthy too? Join us for some exercise AND enjoy the wonders of nature at the same time! This exercise is fun and the views from the top are absolutely awesome! It takes about a half hour to hike up and a half hour down, maybe 45 minute each way at a slower pace. This is an easy hike, but may be strenuous for anyone who is not in good physical condition. Bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable shoes. If you are a jogger this will be a VERY easy hike, but if you never get any exercise you may want to try walking in your neighborhood for a few weeks before you do this hike.

FOOD: Each week we meet at the base of the mountain, hike up, enjoy the amazing view, talk for a while, solve all the world’s problems, hike back down, and have a light breakfast or early lunch at one of the local restaurants nearby. If you prefer to hike and skip the food that’s fine too.

DIRECTIONS: Mount Rubidoux Memorial Park is located on the western edge of downtown Riverside, just a few minutes off the 91 Freeway. From the 91 Freeway exit at the Mission Inn / University Off Ramp Proceed west on either Mission Inn Boulevard or University to Redwood Drive. Turn left on Redwood to 9th Street Turn right on 9th and go one block to the Park entrance (where 9th street ends)

BRIEF DIRECTIONS: Get on 9th street and go north until it ends!

PLEASE try to arrive a few minutes early because we like to start the hike on time. We meet in front of the 9th street entrance gate.  Also, PLEASE RSVP since we will wait a while at the start point IF we know you are coming and you are a little late. Friendly dogs are welcome but remember that dogs must be on a short leash. No toilets in the park


FREE admission to the park.


The Red Dot is where we meet.

The Blue areas are the closest parking areas for non-residents.

The Inland Empire Atheists and Agnostics is a community for the non-religious. We are good without God