Member Spotlight: Ray Miller

Organizer of the Morongo Basin Free Thinkers!

Ray Miller grew up in a Pentecostal Christian household in Texas, going to church Sundays and Wednesday evenings every week. Eventually he started getting in trouble for questioning stories, church doctrine, and other inconsistencies and would only attend when forced by his parents.

Ray has seen society’s treatment of Atheists first hand. After coming out at work he noticed his coworkers treated him very differently.

Eventually Ray came across a meetup in Victorville for Atheists.

“I had no idea that there were groups of Atheists in the highly religious area of the high desert where I live and that is what led me to the IEAA,”

“One of the most profound things about the Atheist community is the diversity. I really enjoy the fact that most people are willing to challenge their assumptions and think outside the box,” said Ray.

“I think the more that we continue to call out the divisive coercion of the public through theocratic methods, the better our world will be, not just for Atheists but for everyone”