Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We’re going to watch our two Inland Empire teams go head to head – 66ers vs. Quakes!

Tickets are $12 and I’ll do my best to get seats in the shade. We’re going to meet at 1:30pm at the ticket window.

If at all possible get the money to me ahead of time. You can send a check, pay through PayPal, or give me money when you see me at an event.

RSVP Deadline: August 18th.

If you RSVP later than that or show up the day of without having RSVPed you most likely will be able to get a ticket but it may not be anywhere near our group.

The Quakes’ stadium is in Rancho Cucamonga; if you are interested in carpooling please leave a comment.

If you plan on having alcoholic beverages at the stadium please either imbibe with care or have a designated driver.