BNB15 Trump: Recognizing Authoritarians

BNB15 – Trump; Recognizing Authoritarians

Many believe the United States has the best form of government to resist challenges from majority, minority and autocracy. But having survived the Nixon experience we find ourselves challenged by personalities willing to extend further beyond social norms than ever before.

In this atypical BNB discussion we will examine not politics but authoritarian personalities and our ability to recognize them, a topic that has been well researched since World War II.

People are the same but our knowledge within Psychology is much greater. But does knowledge alone make us less susceptible to manipulation?

Asa “Bill” Taylor, Inland Empire Political Moderates
Phil Calderone,
Don Fuller, Inland Empire Atheists and Agnostics
More tba

Audience Q&A will follow. This event is free; bring a friend! Please RSVP either on MeetUp sites or at the Facebook Group page: (click on Events). Also join the Facebook page to receive notices of these events.

Join us too for dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant, 5-7PM. Location announced at the event.

Upcoming topics:
The Differences Between Cult and Religion
The Origin of the Universe
Atheist/Theist By Age Ten
The Role of Doubt

Leadership is about power; followers are about belief.