Counter Apologetic Workshop Series

Led by our own Eric Ozols this is the first in a series of guided group discussions concerning the tricks and tactics of apologetics. From the Latin “apologia” meaning ‘to give a┬ádefense for’, it’s a term which describes the discipline most commonly used to argue for a set of religious beliefs.

This series will focus on some of the errors in critical reasoning and fallacies encountered frequently with these types of ploys, along with group brainstorming about possible refutations from past experiences (both positive and negative). Come learn how to respond to your inquisitive and challenging friends and family.

Emphasis will be placed on some of the tools of the trade in countering these strategies. Come join us if you’re interested in discussing some of your experiences and learning from others.

We’ll meet for dinner at Elephant Thai Cuisine at 3720 Mission Inn Avenue afterward.

Please bring a few dollars to throw into the donation box to help support our groups.