BNB12: (Dis)Honesty

Believers and Nonbelievers In Discussion

Dan Ariely’s documentary “(Dis)honesty: The Truth About Lies”* inspired this discussion. Are we aware of our propensities to be honest? To be dishonest? How do Believers and Nonbelievers perceive each other? Is there a difference or will this be the first panel with everyone in complete agreement? (Is that even possible?)

Anondah Saide, Developmental Psychology, UC Riverside
Joan Francis, Psychologist, Inland Empire Atheists and Agnostics
Elizabeth Moore, Packinghouse Christian Fellowship
Summer Song , Author,

Hosted by Phil Calderone,

Audience Q&A will follow. This event is free; bring a friend! Please RSVP either on MeetUp sites or at the Facebook Group page: (click on Events). Also join the Facebook page to receive notices of these events.

The conference room is behind the library. Setup volunteers, please arrive promptly at 1PM.

Join us too for dinner afterward at a nearby restaurant, 5-7PM. Location announced at the event.

Upcoming topics:
Secular Growth in America
Who Defines Morality?

*by director Yael Melamede.