BNB Discussion #7: You Weren’t There, the Methodology of Historical Science

Ken Ham famously dismisses evolution with an argument that we can’t know because we weren’t there to see it (and origin of life) happen. There is of course a difference between observational science (behavioral, chemistry) and historical science (anthropology, paleontology) each having its tools. So how does Historical science operate and how reliable are its conclusions?


Jim Walker, Electrical Engineer. Drexel University 

Steve Wyper, History Teacher, Theologian. University of Redlands 

Billie Burnham, Anthropologist. Chaffey College 

Dr Marilyn Fogel, Director EDGE Institute, UC Riverside (Environmental Dynamics and Geo-Ecology)

Hosted by Michael Cain, Freeligion Podcast*

NOTE: New earlier time–1:30PM.

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Future topics: 
LGBTQ Acceptance and Discrimination 
Historicity of the Bible 
Is Belief a Choice? 
The Conflict Issues