Current IEAA Policies


Purpose and Scope of Policy:

If someone is interfering with others enjoyment of the IEAA the Governing Board reserves the right to remove them from an event or online forum, and reserves the right to bar them from future events if future hostility is expected. Activities that may result in removal include engaging in conduct that includes yelling at or threatening speakers or attendees, or any significantly disruptive conduct such as harassment or insults based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Permanent mediation of members in violation of this policy is the responsibility of the Membership. The IEAA will keep all records of mediation confidential.


Purpose and Scope of Policy:

The Governing Board, or a committee created with the authority to do so, shall decide compensation for officers, directors, and employees. Individuals without a conflict of interest shall decide on compensation; those who benefit from compensation do not get to decide their own pay. Furthermore, compensation must be comparable to other organizations of the same size. All proceedings must be recorded in the minutes, including data on comparable wages. Currently and for the foreseeable future, no members, Officers, or volunteers with the IEAA receive compensation.


Purpose and Scope of Policy:

People are encouraged to report any Violations of law or Policy that they discover to the Chair, and in cases involving the Chair, to the Secretary. The Chair or Secretary shall investigate these claims. People can make anonymous reports by emailing any member of the Governing Board anonymously. Reports will be kept confidential when possible. Whistleblowers will not be harassed; retaliation against whistleblowers is grounds for removal.


Purpose and Scope of Policy:

This policy creates guidelines for what documents are to be kept and for how long. Many documents within the IEAA’s keeping are subject to State and Federal regulations regarding how long they must be kept. Lists of document types and the time they may be retained are in Section 3.


Purpose and Scope of Policy:

The IEAA will accept gifts as donations. The Governing Board reserves the right to refuse gifts that are not consistent with the mission of the IEAA.


Purpose and Scope of Policy:

If you serve on the IEAA board or are chair of a committee, you must disclose any possible ways your position can personally profit you. If a conflict exists, you must recuse yourself from deliberations on that subject and the board should consider alternative options. If you fail to disclose this information, the board may take appropriate action. All proceedings must be recorded. If you are being paid by the IEAA for any reason, you cannot vote in regards to the item you are being paid for.

Board members must attest once a year that there are no Conflicts of Interest and that they have read this policy. A yearly review of IEAA transactions must be made to ensure that deals were properly negotiated, and that IEAA transactions are not being used for private benefit.

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