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IEAA to Become a Non-Profit

The next step for Atheism in the Inland Empire

On January 8th, at our Monthly Planning Meeting the collected membership of the IEAA unanimously approved a plan to incorporate the Inland Empire Atheists and Agnostics as a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation.
The IEAA has always been a non-Prophet organization, but we are taking that to the next level by seeking full non-Profit status What does incorporating mean for our members?
Not much really. We’re still going to have all of our same events, we’re still going to be a completely member-run organization, and we’re still going to work to promote the Secular Community in the Inland Empire.
But what it will change is our ability to achieve these goals. By becoming a non-profit, the IEAA will be able to:

• Offer tax exemption for large donations,
• Get serious discounts (90%) when renting local civic venues,
• Discounts on other civic events, such as Market Night stalls,
• Get lower rates on financial services like PayPal and checking,
• Limit liability for our Organizers if the IEAA is ever sued,
• Discount mailing rates with the USPS,
• Publish PSAs with local radio and newspapers,
• Apply for grants from cities and other Atheist groups, and of course, becoming a non-profit will mean that our group will continue to use all money donated to support our mission.