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Market Night, a Look Back

We spent a summer in Downtown Redlands, Here’s what we learned.

For the last several months, the IEAA has been hosting an “Ask An Atheist” booth at the Redlands Market Night.
On more than ten evenings over the summer and fall, we’ve set up our booth in one of the most Christian areas in the Inland Empire.
We’ve been yelled at, mocked and debated… but we’ve also been thanked, hugged, and strengthened.
We began hosting Market Night in April, and have kept it up about twice a month. And it’s been a wild ride. Some nights we’d have over 100 people stop by our booth.
When we first started, we just had a picnic table, an easy up and a banner hung in the back. Since then we’ve managed to create one of the nicest looking booths in the whole place, complete with some great shirts, great people, and lots of information.
While hosting Market Night we learned a few things:

1. People are really glad to see us.
2. Proselytizers are like a bear attack: The only way to survive
is to play dead and hope they leave.
3. People are REALLY glad to see us.
4. We need to keep doing this.

For some, our booth is like a light in the dark. We can’t count how many times someone would come up to us, just happy to know that they weren’t alone. And that’s why we do this.

We’ll be hosting our last Market Night of this year on Thursday, Nov. 21. Stop by to see us in action one last time.

Thank you, everyone.
Greg McKinley-Powell